What we do

We are a software development company. We develop unique and innovative applications. Our applications are mobile friendly and typically rely on cloud based services. If you like what we do, and are looking to bring your software application idea to market, contact us.

Fast and Intelligent photo collage maker

There are a number of photo collage makers available on the web and in app stores. They mostly rely on the user selecting a template and positioning images in the template. We wanted an application that creates more natural collages, faster. Using AI technology, Facecollage automatically lays out the images selected by the user. The user can move, rotate and scale images in the collage to get the perfect layout. The app supports inviting others to add images to the collage without the need for others going through the process of sharing their photos, the first of it's kind. Using face detection technology, it can create a collage of just the faces in images selected, or whole images. In the presence of location information, it can display the country flag and location of images in the collage and allows the user to customize the collage by changing background color, blurring image edges, or add emojis for a perfect memorable look.


  • Intelligent Automatic layout for fast collage creation
  • Ability to create collages with others by invitation
  • Face only collages
  • Automatic rotation for scrapbook effect
  • Location and flag display on collage images
  • Emoji and Captions to capture the moment
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Effective property management app

Leasedeposit is a simple to use app which enables storage of lease agreements in the cloud. It includes a lease template with common terms for lease agreements. The template can be modified and stored so the property manager can create consistent lease agreements in the future. Detailed inspection checklists can greatly reduce the risk of property damage and altercations related to damage deposit deductions. Leasedeposit has a simple and innovative way of creating move-in/move-out inspection checklists with notes and images to help property managers create detailed checklists. The app includes a simple way of capturing expenses with image of invoices which can help when preparing taxes.


  • Agreement template
  • Easy inspection checklist creation with image and notes support
  • Online signatures for agreement and move in/out checklists
  • Cloud storage of documents
  • Expense tracking with invoice capture
  • Intuitive UI
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